About the Food

How do I approach the recipes and modernize them? Where do I find them? What is it all about?

I approach this food adventure two ways. I look at the traditional, historical recipes and pull apart the instructions, attempting to recreate the food as accurately as possible, given the great modern conveniences of the electric/gas powered kitchen (and refrigeration!). These recipes are found in old recipe books, magazines, news papers,  and random papers in your grandparent’s junk drawer.

A modern acknowledgement is the need for recipes to expand to include food allergies, dietary restrictions, and personal preferences. Though people have held their own preferences for centuries, today’s diet is more complex, intricate, layered, and inclusive than ever. As such, I provide readers with recommendations and substitutions, tackling the old recipes in new ways, to translate for a modern audience.

So, let’s eat, sleep, and be merry!


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