Yesteryear Cooking Today, An Introduction

Humans share many similarities and acknowledege many differences. Often, we focus so much on the differences that we forget to acknowledge and bond over those things that bind us and define us as a human family. All people across race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexuality and ability throughout all of time and beyond the confines of the map of the world are a few binding facts. We all love, grow, learn, procreate, struggle, fight, sleep, eat, and die.

Food is a reflection of time, history, culture, and place. A shared meal is a shared expression of acceptance, diplomacy, and self expression. It is giving life and sustenance. This is not a new phenomenon. Food has always had the power to provide and to perpetuate and expand on our stories. These stories are passed down as tradition, ingredients representing culture and geography, recipes acting as reflections of societal import, and a willingness of one person to share their history with another. It is a giving act, an act of sharing.

These recipes and this blog is an extension of that sharing. An exploration and an openness to look at the past through food to understand what and why we eat what we do now. To look at cultures beyond the west to learn through a new lens and open ourselves to experiencing food, love. Further, we’ll reflect on yesteryear, translate those recipes for a modern audience as we look toward our future. In doing so, we can continue a centuries long conversation and share ourselves today with our relatives of history.


[Photo: Jan Brueghel the Elder [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons]


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