Anti’s Favorite Hash, A Challenge of the Past

In my research, I’ve been perusing The Suffrage Cook Book compiled by Mrs. L. O. Kleber and published in 1915. The recipe book was released at a time of great upheaval for women and some of the recipes reflect the women’s right’s movements views and aims. Though not strictly food recipes, these tidbits from history provide a view of the suffragettes’ aims.

One of my personal favorites is Anti’s Favorite Hash.

Anti, a play on Auntie, is a sarcastic and biting view into the traditional, challenges and fights that women were struggling against, as well as a nod to the fights yet to come.

Below, I’ve reprinted the recipe for your appreciation.

Anti’s Favorite Hash

(Unless you wear dark glasses you cannot make a success of Anti’s Favorite Hash.)


1 lb. truth thoroughly mangled

1 generous handful of injustice.

(Sprinkle over everything in the pan)

  1 tumbler acetic acid (well shaken)

Stir all together with a sharp knife because some of the tid bits will be tough propositions.A little vitriol will add a delightful tang and a string of nonsense should be dropped in at the last as if by accident.

Though I typically would provide an updated, modern take on this blog, I believe this recipe stands the test of time.  The recipe lays out the dynamics and challenges that we all still face today.

Enjoy mixing it up out there, ladies and gentlemen. This is what we’re working against.

Thanks, Anti.

[See page for author [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons]


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